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Welcome to my world. A lot of you will know me as WesternGuy, a frequent contributor to a number of Photography Forums on the web. Unfortunately, this “handle” was not available, so I ended up with the closest one I could come up with. I may, in the future, decide to change my web handle to reflect this new blog, but for now, nothing changes. First some background on my world and why I decided to start this blog.

I have been taking pictures for over 50 years, not continuously, mind you, but some years more seriously than others and now that I have retired, it has become more serious. When I started at the ripe old age of about 8 years, about all I could afford was black and white film. As technology progressed and I had a few “after-school” jobs, I graduated to a better camera and the occasional roll of colour film. I have progressed from there to 35mm film and finally about seven years ago, I moved into digital photography. I am now on my third digital camera together with a reasonable variety of lens and assorted accessories. I suspect, sometime that I am the victim of GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

My interests are wide ranging and include the following:

Landscape photography, including Intimate Landscapes – I cover the prairies, mountains and areas in between.

Wildlife photography – the emphasis is on birds, but I do photograph other animals as well, from small gophers to large elephants.

Macro – flowers, insects, and any other small bits and pieces requiring close-up work.

I am also quite interesting in helping the aspiring photographer in any way that I can, given my experience and areas of interest.


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